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The biggest gathering of creators and influencers in the country. It is an annual event that started in 2018 and held in Cebu City. The event seeks to connect creators and influencers to their fans and audiences, as well as brands and agencies.

why y2k
The Y2k was known for many thing, but the zeitgeist was the rise of the internet. Obviously, the internet changed the world. It was the birth to many things - from social platforms and online entertainment, to influencer marketing and content creation. During the pandemic, we were physically distant but never socially distant because of the internet.

BaiCon 2021 is a digital revolution against today’s social injustices that pays tribute to an iconic era that gave birth to the world of influencer marketing and content creation.

The event is presented by the Republiq Group of Companies, VisMin’s leading digital transformation company, in collaboration with the Creator and Influencer Council of the Philippines, a newly established organization of creators, influencers and marketers in the Philippines which aims to shape, inspire, educate and empower the creator and influencer industry.